With Golden wings you came to this Earth, so fragile but also so strong.

You totally trusted in other people.
You didn’t know a choice other than that.
Your soul was pure, and free from disappointment.
You trusted in the source that had sent you here.
You feel loved and were capable to love without having anything in return.
You lived for today and didn’t think about tomorrow.
You were so full of life…

Suddenly things came in and took away your golden glow.
It was called ”life” and it was called ”experience”.
Your wings were broken and you couldn’t fly anymore.
You were trapped and not free as you were before.
Your always loving heart couldn’t spread any love.
Is this how we should live our life? you asked.
You waited. No answer was given.
And from nowhere an insight came to you.
”You should see through the eyes of a child.”
”Live your life that way.”
You erased and rewind and it took a while to restore and to heal.
And one day your wings were so full of glow that you lifted again.
You were free..free from the past..free from the chains that kept you from feeling alive.
Now you are one with the source again.
You are re-borned to be alive. ❤️

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